Road monitoring


We are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the performance and efficiency of Highways England and are delivering this through our Highways Monitor function.

We are the monitor of Highways England and its management of the strategic road network – the motorways and main 'A' roads in England.

We are here to ensure that the network is managed to deliver performance, including efficiency, safety and sustainability, for the benefit of road users and the public.

We advise the government on Highways England's future performance objectives.

We hold Highways England to account for its management of the strategic road network – including delivery of performance and efficiency. We also advise the UK Government on the levels of funding and performance requirements for future road periods to help frame challenging and deliverable performance and efficiency requirements.

Details of our monitoring framework and enforcement policy for Highways England, titled "Holding Highways England to account".  It sets out how we monitor Highways England's performance, and how we identify, escalate and resolve areas of concern.

Our annual assessment of Highways England’s performance and details of the our plans and activities in benchmarking the company's performance and efficiency.

Our approach to the activities we are responsible for in the current road investment strategy, with links to the key pieces of evidence that inform our work.

Our road expert panel provides advice and support to our work as the Highways Monitor.

To tell us about something you have discovered or seen in the course of your work on the strategic roads network (roads controlled by Highways England) or about your work with Highways England.