Periodic review 2013 (PR13) initial industry plans


The initial industry plans

On September 2011, Network Rail with its industry partners published two 'initial industry plans' (IIPs) – one for England & Wales and one for Scotland.

These set out the industry's strategies in England & Wales and Scotland for the long-term, with a focus on what could be delivered in the next control period (CP5). Our analysis of the IIPs was a key component of our advice to Ministers which we issued in March 2012.

Whilst not a formal consultation, we invited stakeholders to comment on the IIPs to help inform our analysis. We received nearly 80 responses from a wide range of stakeholders, which we considered as part of our review of the IIPs. We are grateful to those who took the time to respond.

We considered that many of the points raised by stakeholders would be of interest to both government and the industry – for example, on possible improvement schemes. Accordingly, we shared the responses we received with Network Rail on behalf of the industry's Planning Oversight Group (which led the work on the IIP) and the Department for Transport and Transport Scotland. Indeed, Network Rail has said it will take these responses into account in its development of its SBP.