Connection contracts: amending our general approval to include novations


Date published: 30 September 2014
Closing date: 28 November 2014

Consultation on extending the general approval to include the novation of connection contracts based on ORR's template.

Connection contracts govern the maintenance and operation of connection points, that is where two networks meet. We already have a general approval which covers new qualifying connection contracts. When a Facility Owner novates a connection contract it transfers the rights and obligations of that contract to another Facility Owner. 

Facility Owners can change regularly, for example when a rail site is sold or when franchises are changed over. This consultation proposes extending the General Approval to include novations, so that they do not need to be submitted to ORR for specific approval, as long as the terms remain essentially the same.

The target audience for the consultation is anyone who holds a connection contract with Network Rail or is likely to in future. This includes owners of rail-freight terminals, ports, industrial sites, certain heritage railways, as well as freight and passenger train operators.

Conclusions letter

Consultation letter

Draft novation template