Here you’ll find all our consultations, both open and concluded, past policy, licence and access casework consultations. You’ll also find our response to consultations from other organisations.

Managing level crossings: guide for managers, designers and operators - consultation

21 December 2011
'Level crossings: a guide for managers, designers and operators' replaces 'railway safety principles & guidance, part 2, section E - guidance on level crossings'. In April 2010 we consulted industry on the draft guidance. We asked for comments from stakeholders on the clarity and comprehensiveness of the document. The consultation ended on 13 July 2010 and having considered thoroughly the

Railway Safety Regulations 1999 - review of policy on the use of Mark 1 passenger rolling stock operated at speeds exceeding 40 kilometres per hour

14 July 2011
The Railway Safety Regulations 1999 permits exemptions to be issued to allow operators to use MK1 rolling stock on the national network. Most exemptions specify a barrier vehicle between the locomotive and the rake of coaches. The barrier vehicles were defined as Mark 2 (MK 2) or Mark 3 (MK 3) and most exemptions prohibited passengers from travelling in the leading vehicles We have consulted pdf

The Railways and other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 2011

31 May 2011
We consulted on proposals for Regulations implementing Directive 2008/110/EC and Directive 2009/149/EC in Great Britain, both of which amend Directive 2004/49/EC (the Railway Safety Directive). Directive 2008/110/EC establishes a system for maintenance arrangements across the European Union. Summary of key outcomes Consultation on the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) (Amendment