Station car park charges


Please note, prices at station car parks are not regulated.

The decision to charge for car parking at a station is a commercial decision for the station operator, as it is for any other commercial car parking provider.

If you have concerns about the cost of parking at a train station, your first step should be to contact the station operator and voice those concerns.

We enforce the Competition Act 1998, which makes it illegal for companies to do certain things, for example, use their powerful position in the market to take advantage of consumers or fix prices and we may conduct an investigation if we have reasonable grounds to suspect the law has been broken.

We are the competition authority for the railway sector, which means that if you suspect the charges set for your car park are breaking competition law, you can complain to us and we will look at whether the train company is compliant with it.

We have a handy guide to help you spot when this might be happening and when we will be taking action. If after reading the guide you think we should look at a particular car park, please use our form. You can find more general information on how to report a breach of competition law.