Core complaints data

19 April 2021
We are responsible for the collection, monitoring and publication of rail customer complaints.

Competition work on open access

18 March 2021
In February 2020 we published our first report on our open access competition monitoring work. The 2020 report constituted a baseline, and an evidence base to be built on over time. We followed this up with an update published in March 2021.

Consumer law

17 March 2021
Consumer law aims to ensure that businesses are fair and open in their dealings with consumers.

Improving Assisted Travel

2 March 2021
Our Accessible Travel Policy guidance for train and station operators sets out the commitments they must include in their policies for helping older and disabled people to travel by rail.

Exclusions from mainline railway requirements

16 December 2020
This page sets out what rail systems are excluded from the mainline railway requirements of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (as amended) (ROGS).

Entities in charge of maintenance

1 December 2020
This page gives an overview of the requirements for a person or organisation responsible for the maintenance of rail vehicles (known as an entity in charge of maintenance).

Market monitoring

12 November 2020
This page provides information on how we perform our market monitoring duties.