Policy decisions

Consultation on ORR’s Holding Network Rail to account policy

27 March 2019
In November 2018, we published a consultation on a new regulatory policy for holding Network Rail to account for delivery of the commitments in our determination, and the obligations in its network licence. This new policy replaces the existing economic enforcement policy for Network Rail and comes into effect for the start of Control Period 6.

Roles and responsibilities for enhancements in CP6

18 March 2019
Consultation on roles and responsibilities for Network Rail's enhancements work in Control Period 6 (CP6) as this will be treated differently to operations, maintenance and renewals expenditure in the Periodic Review 2018 (PR18).

Model connection contract – Transitioning to CPI

6 March 2019
Following consultation we consider it appropriate to amend the model connection contract so that CPI is used for new contracts, rather than RPI in the adjustment factor, as with track access contracts.

Consultation on ORR's draft guidance on the Economic Equilibrium Test (EET)

28 November 2018
Consultation conclusionsEU legislation has focused on opening up the European rail market and promoting competition in passenger rail markets. There are a number of protections within EU legislation to support this, including an overarching requirement that access to the network is granted in a fair and transparent manner. However, EU legislation also sets out limited circumstances where access to