Our strategic objectives


Our business plan summarises what we aim to achieve this year and provides detail around our four strategic objectives.

Strategic objective 1: A safer railway

ORR is the health and safety regulator for all of Britain’s rail industry. Our strategic objective is to enforce the law and ensure that the industry delivers continuous improvement in the health and safety of passengers, the workforce and public, by achieving excellence in health and safety culture, management, and risk control.

Strategic objective 2: Better rail customer service

We have a key role to improve the rail passenger experience in the consumer areas for which we have regulatory responsibility and take prompt and effective action to improve the service that passengers receive where it is required.

Strategic objective 3: Value for money from the railway

We support the delivery of an efficient, high-performing rail service that provides value for money for passengers, freight customers, governments, and taxpayers. We also regulate other significant elements of the national rail infrastructure, including High Speed 1 (HS1) and the UK portion of the Channel Tunnel.

Strategic objective 4: Better highways

National Highways operates the strategic road network, managing motorways and major roads in England. Our role is to monitor and hold it to account for its performance and delivery, so that its customers enjoy predictable journeys on England’s roads.