Track access consolidated contracts

Consolidated agreements

5 December 2023
A consolidated (or conformed) agreement is a document incorporating all approved amendments to the existing approved agreement. We do not approve these consolidated agreements, they are provided by Network Rail for reference purposes only to provide an overview of the current terms of the contract.

Updating the model freight services track access contract for the CVL interface

27 April 2020
We are making changes to the model track access contract to reflect new arrangements concerning access arrangements for the Core Valleys Lines (CVL). These are particularly relevant for those who wish to operate freight trains between the CVL and Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd’s (Network Rail’s) network.

Consultation on improving Schedule 5 of the model freight track access contract

20 January 2016
On 6 November 2015 we consulted on proposed changes to Schedule 5 and the associated Rights Table in the model freight track access contract. This also included consequential changes to Schedule 4. These changes are to reflect the move away from freight access rights having "Levels" and towards having origin and destination timing windows for services. We also proposed to simplify the Rights Table

Protecting consumers

20 November 2014
Train companies have a number of consumer facing obligations and it is important that passengers get the service to which they are entitled. We oversee a number of these obligations which sit in train companies’ licences and in general consumer law (others sit, for example in train companies’ franchise agreements with Government).