Monitoring National Highways

ORR finds National Highways met its road investment strategy targets in 2021-22, but raises concerns about three critical areas of delivery

14 July 2022
The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) says that over the next year, National Highways must: improve its performance against its 10-minute response time on certain sections of smart motorways; provide better evidence of how it is considering the long-term needs of its assets when making renewals decisions across the strategic road network (SRN) – England’s motorways and major A-roads; and provide a

Monitoring smart motorways

12 May 2022
We are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the performance and efficiency of National Highways in its delivery of the Smart Motorway Action Plan.

ORR’s role and approach to RIS3

4 May 2022
A consultation seeking views on our proposed approach to assessing the challenge and deliverability of plans for the third road investment strategy - RIS3.

Benchmarking National Highways

3 March 2022
Our recently published annual "Benchmarking National Highways" report includes more regional performance data than ever before.