Monitoring Network Rail’s performance

Enhancements independent reporters reports

Network Rail's network licence includes a condition providing for independent experts (reporters) to be appointed by the network operator (Network Rail), to provide ORR with advice on different aspects of Network Rail’s performance.

Monitoring Network Rail train service performance

Those that use the railway rely on both Network Rail and train operators to run a punctual and reliable train service. Our remit is to ensure that Network Rail is doing all that is reasonably practicable to deliver its contribution.

Annual assessment of Network Rail

This document is part of how we hold Network Rail to account. It sets out how well we think Network Rail, including its regions and functions, is doing in providing services to its customers and funders and highlights any areas of concern.

Monitoring Network Rail's efficiency

By reporting on Network Rail’s efficiency and wider financial performance over time, we give assurance to rail users and funders that Network Rail is delivering what is expected and at the same time, we provide a strong reputational incentive on Network Rail to become more efficient.

ORR Annual Assessment: Network Rail making a good start to five-year plan but performance concerns remain

2 July 2020
Network Rail has saved more than £385 million in the first year of the new control period 6 (CP6) as it looks to deliver £3.5 billion of efficiency savings over the next five years, however passenger and freight performance varied by region, according to figures contained in the 2019-20 annual assessment of Network Rail published by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) today (2 July).