Crossrail Central Operating Section (CCOS) access


This page contains information on access and licensing on the Crossrail Central Operating Section.

The Crossrail Central Operating Section (CCOS) runs from Westbourne Park Junction in the West to Abbey Wood in the South East and Pudding Mill Lane Junction in the East. It makes up most of the route to be used by Elizabeth line services that is not part of the Network Rail network. Rail for London (Infrastructure) (RfL(I)), a wholly-owned Transport for London (TfL) subsidiary, manages the CCOS infrastructure. 

This page contains CCOS track access application consultations, decisions, and consolidated agreements. It also contains information on the CCOS Network Code, including details of any approved modifications to the Code, the CCOS Network Statement and links to RfL(I)’s Network Licence exemption.

Current track access applications

This section contains all application forms, documents and responses we make public, relating
to CCOS track access applications we are currently considering. This includes:

  • new track access contracts; and
  • amendments to track access contracts.

There are no current track access applications.

Decisions on track access applications

This section contains all decisions we have made in relation to CCOS track access applications.
This includes:

  • new track access contracts; and
  • amendments to track access contracts.

The table below presents decisions made from 2021 onwards:

Date TOC (train operating company) Number Links to documents
10 May 2022 MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Limited Passenger Services Contract Section 18 New Track Access Contract Decision Letter
Directions Notice
Directions Contract
24 March 2021 MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Limited
Trial Running Contract
Section 18 New Track Access Contract Decision letter
Directions notice
Directions contact

Consolidated agreements

A consolidated agreement is a document incorporating all approved amendments to the existing approved agreement.

They are provided by RfL(I) for reference purposes only.

Certain information may be excluded from these consolidated versions. This is because we may withhold from publication information which relates to the affairs of a private individual or a corporate or unincorporated body if we are satisfied that publication would or might seriously and prejudicially affect the interests of that person or body.

The table below presents CCOS consolidated agreements:

TOC (train operating company) Consolidated agreement
MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Ltd There are currently no consolidated contracts 

The CCOS Network Code

The CCOS Network Code is a common set of rules and industry procedures that apply to all parties who have a contractual right of access to the CCOS infrastructure owned and operated by RfL(I) as infrastructure manager.

RfL(I) manages and maintains the CCOS Network Code, and all related documentation. The full CCOS Network Code can be found on the CCOS website.

Our responsibility is to ensure that the CCOS Network Code provides appropriate contractual certainty for all affected parties and does not benefit one contractual party to a greater extent than another.

Description of the CCOS Network Code

The CCOS Network Code sets out the industry procedures governing:

  • the way in which service performance is monitored and measured (Part B);
  • modifications to the CCOS Network Code (Part C);
  • the translation of access rights into the construction of the timetable (Part D);
  • environmental protection issues (Part E);
  • the contractual arrangements governing changes to the trains used on the CCOS network and to the CCOS network itself (Parts F and G respectively);
  • the CCOS Railway Operational Code (Part H); and
  • changes to access rights (Part J).

The CCOS Access Dispute Resolution Rules (ADRR), setting out how disputes under access contracts are resolved, can also be found on the CCOS website.

Safety responsibilities, for example through safety certificates and safety authorisations, and Railway Group Standards, take priority over the CCOS Network Code obligations.

Approved amendments to the CCOS Network Code

Part C of the CCOS Network Code provides processes by which the Code can be modified.

  • Condition C1 provides a democratic industry process whereby the CCOS infrastructure manager and each Access Beneficiary can propose changes to the CCOS Network Code; and
  • Condition C3 provides the ORR with a right to make changes.

Modifications will be published on this webpage.

Model contracts

There are no current model contracts. RfL(I) publishes template contracts on its website.

Network licence

We have provided a Network Licence exemption to RfL(I) for its operation of the CCOS. Further details can be found in our decision letter

Network Statement

Network statements need to be produced in accordance with The Railway (Access, Management and Licensing of Railway Undertakings) Regulations 2016. 

Network statements present all the information that potential applicants for network access need to know in order to request capacity on other networks. Each network statement should provide, for the infrastructure concerned, a single source of up-to-date and relevant information. It must include information on access to, and the charges for, the supply of service facilities.

The latest CCOS Network Statement is available on the CCOS website, and further information on Network Statements can be found on our Network Statements webpage.