Better health is happening – ORR assessment of progress on occupational health up to 2014, and priorities to 2019


This report provides our updated assessment on the management of work-related ill health in the rail industry by the end of our first four year health programme. It covers the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2014.

When we launched our first health programme for 2010-14, we committed to review rail industry progress in the management of work-related ill health by 2014. Our latest report 'Better health is happening' provides a revised snapshot on progress by the end of our first four year health programme, and identifies priorities for action under our 2014-19 health programme. To help assess the impact of our health programme, we report trends in our baseline health indicator measures, including industry responses to our repeat health data survey in 2014 . You can find a guide to the structure of the report and links to each chapter below.

This latest report highlights areas where good progress has been made in the management of occupational health, and shines a spotlight on areas where there is still more to do, particularly to translate commitments to improve worker health into reality on the ground. Headline findings are summarised on our infographic. We have also produced a presentation.


Health in rail infographic