Topic specific guidance


Information is provided here for employers and employees on health in the work place generally, specific health issues, healthy lifestyles and managing health risks.

This is not an extensive list of the help available but provides a range of useful information from government departments, organisations and charities.

Continuous hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) monitoring

An open letter to the industry outlining ORR concerns about RIDDOR cases of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fitness for work

This guidance aims to bring together the key legal requirements associated with the management of fitness in the workplace.


ORR and HSE's responsibilities for enforcing asbestos laws and what those laws require.

Advice and guidance on workplace health

Details of some of the guidance, advice and help available to employers and employees who need help on health issues.

Managing work related stress in the railway industry

An overview of ORR's strategy on managing work related stress in the rail industry.

Occupational cancers

Occupational cancer leads to a significant number of deaths in the UK each year and this page provides advice and guidance on how the risks can be controlled and exposure to carcinogens minimised.

Work-related health issues - key questions and answers

Information about work-related health issues in the rail industry and further detailed advice to help you manage and control the health risks.

First aid at railway stations

Guidance setting out employers responsibilities for the provision of first aid facilities and training their employees on first aid. It also explains the importance of considering public needs at railway stations when assessing first aid requirements.