Driver Controlled Operation (DCO)


The issue of safety relating to the interface between the platform and train and the safe dispatch of trains is an area of focus for the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and the industry.

Driver Controlled Operation of passenger trains (DCO), sometimes referred to as Driver Only Operation, is where the train driver is in control of the opening and closing of the train's doors.

All train operating companies are responsible for ensuring they comply with health and safety legislation. This includes having the right equipment, processes and procedures in place to ensure trains are dispatched safely at all times and to keep under review the need for any further improvements in how dispatch arrangements are undertaken, irrespective of the method of dispatch used.

We have published a report that sets out our findings following our review and our inspections of the routes on which GTR-Southern has introduced DCO.

We have concluded that with suitable equipment, procedures and competent staff in place, the form of train dispatch implemented by GTR-Southern fully meets legal requirements for safe operation.