Health and safety regulatory approach


Our health and safety regulatory approach explains what we do in regulating health and safety across the rail industry.

We are the independent safety and economic regulator for Britain's railways. We expect the railway industry to deliver continuous improvement in the health and safety of passengers, the public and the workforce. Our aim is for industry excellence in its health and safety management maturity, risk control and asset management. In this way, we will achieve our vision of:

"zero industry caused fatalities and major injuries to passengers, the public, and the workforce."

What we do, our priorities and how we make sure that the health and safety of everyone associated with the railway is protected is set out in our 2020 health and safety regulatory strategy.

Health and safety is not an overhead or an optional add-on. Where we identify that duty holders are not complying with the law, we can take enforcement action to ensure that passengers, the public and the workforce are protected.