Licence exemptions by company E-K


This section lists railway licence exemptions for companies E – K.

All copies of licence exemptions, granted by us are available in our public register.

Abbreviations for terms used describing licence exemptions listed in this section:

  • LMD: a light maintenance depot where services such as refuelling and cleaning trains takes place, and other frequent light maintenance work.
  • Heritage: an operation primarily used for tourist, educational or recreational purposes of non-mainline passenger services and assets, usually on a preserved railway line.
  • Network: a railway line or combination of lines and installations. Licence exempt networks are usually functionally separate from the national network. Usually they will also be operated within a fenced or controlled access territory. This includes freight sidings or goods terminals.
  • Contractor: a rail maintenance company which undertakes track maintenance and repair, usually on behalf of Network Rail. Maintenance activities take place within engineering possessions using specialist or Rail Mounted Maintenance Vehicles (RMMVs).
  • Non-passenger trains: freight or maintenance trains. In the context of exemptions, this would include short distance, non-mainline shunting operations in specific areas.

All licence exemptions are published by, exemption title, description of exemption and the date it came into force.