Health and safety strategy

Principles for railway health and safety

22 April 2022
We have produced 'Principles for health and safety on the railway' to help dutyholders understand how to meet our expectations for the high-level goals that should be achieved by the railway when complying with the health and safety legislation. It highlights the factors which should be addressed by anyone designing and putting into use new railways or rail vehicles, including major upgrades and

Health and safety strategy and guidance

18 January 2022
Our health and safety regulatory strategy sets out our approach to regulating health and safety risks created and managed by Britain’s railways. t looks at how we drive continuous improvement, deliver cost effective and safe railway, to be amongst the safest in the world.

Our strategic risk chapters

31 March 2020
To help prioritise ours and the industry’s strategic focus we issue chapters, which we update as part of a rolling process, focused on the key risks from across the sector and based on incident data, risk trend analysis and the findings from our inspections, investigations and audits.

Driver Controlled Operation (DCO)

4 January 2017
The issue of safety relating to the interface between the platform and train and the safe dispatch of trains is an area of focus for the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and the industry.

Health and safety by design

8 June 2016
The concept of health and safety by design is to preferably eliminate, and if not eliminate to control, health and safety risks in infrastructure, rolling stock, equipment and processes by early consideration of potential risks and then dealing with those risks at the design stage.

Better health is happening in rail

Content archived on 02 July 2022

26 June 2015
The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) today published its latest occupational health report which shows that there has been a meaningful improvement in the rail industry's management of worker health over the last four years.

Occupational health strategy and progress

5 November 2014
ORR's Closing the Gap on Health report provides a comprehensive review of rail industry progress in managing occupational health by the end of our 2014-19 health programme. We have used this evidence-based review to identify our strategic priorities on health for the coming years in a revised occupational health chapter. We also have five position papers on the key health risks in the railway