Accessible Travel Policies (ATPs) decision letters


Once we have given our approval to an Accessible Travel Policy (ATP), we will publish a decision letter. The letter will summarise any issues that were raised during the approval process, note areas of good practice or highlight areas where we feel a licence holder should particularly seek to improve its practices.

Operators are required to review their ATP annually from the date of approval, or more frequently to ensure that they are as up-to-date as possible where there is a change in policy or procedure. Licence holders are still required to confirm to us that they have conducted an annual review, and that there has been no material change (if this is the case). If an operator is proposing significant or material changes to their ATP, ORR will undertake a review and approve the revised documents. Significant or material changes are where policy or procedure changes may have a significant impact, positive or negative, on a number of passengers

ORR can also require the licence holder to carry out a review of their ATP or any part of it or the manner in which it has been implemented, with a view to determining whether any change should be made to it.

Accessible Travel Policy (ATP) decision letters

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The table below provides: 

  • a link to the latest version of each operator’s approved and published ATP. An ATP may include changes that were made by the licence holder following an annual review, which were not deemed material. In this case, the updated ATP did not require formal approval by letter. 
  • a link to comments on the initial draft of each ATP from the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC). These should not be read as comments on the final approved version of the ATP published here. Please note this does not the ATP of any licence holder that operate entirely outside England and Wales.
Licence holderStatusDate of approvalStakeholder commentsORR decision letter
ABM Technical Solutions Limited    Approval26 September 2023 ABM ATP – September 2023
Arriva Rail London LimitedApproval29 March 2022 Arriva Rail London ATP - March 2022
Avanti West CoastApproval25 November 2019DPTAC commentsAvanti West Coast ATP- November 2019
Caledonian SleeperApproval1 April 2020DPTAC commentsCaledonian Sleeper ATP - April 2020
Chiltern RailwaysApproval6 May 2021DPTAC commentsChiltern Railways ATP-May 2021
CrossCountryApproval4 February 2021DPTAC commentsCrossCountry ATP - February 2021
East Coast Trains Limited (Lumo) Approval12 May 2021CommentsEast Coast Trains Limited (Lumo) ATP - May 2021
East Midlands RailwayApproval13 August 2019DPTAC commentsEast Midlands Railway ATP - August 2019
Eurostar International LimitedApproval6 October 2023 Eurostar ATP – October 2023
First MTR South Western Trains Limited Approval4 February 2021CommentsFirst MTR South Western ATP- February 2021
First TransPennine Express Limited (TPE)Approval27 April 2021CommentsFirst TransPennine Express ATP - April 2021
Grand CentralApproval4 February 2021DPTAC commentsGrand Central ATP – February 2021
Great Western RailwayApproval4 February 2021DPTAC commentsGreat Western Railway ATP – February 2021
Greater AngliaApproval29 March 2021DPTAC commentsGreater Anglia ATP - March 2021
GTRApproval3 December 2020DPTAC commentsGTR ATP - December 2020
Hanson & Hall, Rail Services Solutions LtdApproval21 February 2023 Hanson & Hall ATP – February 2023
Heathrow Express Operating Company Ltd  Approval23 July 2021CommentsHeathrow Express ATP - July 2021
Hull TrainsApproval 30 March 2021DPTAC commentsHull Trains ATP- March 2021
Keolis Amey Operations/Gweithrediadau Keolis Amey LimitedApproval11 August 2020CommentsKeolis Amey Operations ATP - August 2020
London and Southeastern Railway Limited  Approval29 December 2020CommentsSoutheastern Railway ATP - December 2020
London North Eastern Railway (LNER)Approval12 March 2021DPTAC commentsLNER ATP – March 2021
London Southend AirportApproval5 February 2020DPTAC commentsLondon Southend Airport ATP – February 2020
Merseyrail Electrics 2002Approval4 February 2021DPTAC commentsMerseyrail Electrics 2002 - February 2021
Network Rail Approval23 July 2021 Network Rail ATP – July 2021
Northern Trains Approval27 May 2021DPTAC commentsNorthern Trains ATP- May 2021
ScotrailApproval12 March 2021 Scotrail ATP - March 2021
Trenitalia c2c Rail Approval8 March 2021DPTAC commentsTrenitalia c2c Rail - March 2021
West Midlands TrainsApproval4 February 2021DPTAC commentsWest Midlands Trains ATP - February 2021 

Additional ATP letters

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Licence holderDescriptionStatusDate of approvalOperator proposal letterORR decision letter
London North Eastern Railway (LNER)Acceptance of LNER’s proposal to continue using the alternative process used in the trial period.Approval26 June 2024LNER  exemption proposal: April 2024ORR decision letter to LNER: June 2024
London North Eastern Railway (LNER)Proposal to use an alternative LNER-specific process instead of the handover protocol, as allowed under section A1.2e of the ATP Guidance subject to ORR approval.Approval24 November 2023LNER exemption proposal:  August 2023ORR decision letter – LNER November 2023

Disabled people's protection policy (DPPP) decision letters

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The end column provides a link to the latest version of the operator's DPPP, where it exists, which has been updated by the licence holder but the changes made did not require regulatory approval as they were not deemed to be material.

Licence holder Status Approval date ORR decision letter Link to current document
Abellio ScotRail Review 18/05/2016 Review of ScotRail DPPP -
Arriva Rail London (London Overground) Approval 27/10/2016 Approval of Arriva Rail London (London Overground) DPPP -
Arriva Rail North Approval 19/06/2017 (updated 10/07/2017 to amend a typo) Approval of Arriva Rail North DPPP -
Arriva Trains Wales Review 20/10/2016 Review of Arriva Trains Wales DPPP -
c2c Review 02/06/2016 Review of c2c DPPP -
Caledonian Sleeper Review 10/04/2017 Review of Caledonian Sleeper DPPP -
Chiltern Railways Review 17/03/2017 Review of Chiltern Railways DPPP -
CrossCountry Review 18/08/2016 Review of CrossCountry DPPP -
Eurostar Review 28/02/2017 Review of Eurostar DPPP -
First Greater Western Review 
Review of First Greater Western DPPP
Revised Great Western DPPP – December 2018
Glasgow Prestwick Airport Review 29/09/2016 Review of Glasgow Prestwick Airport DPPP -
Govia Thameslink Railway and Southern Review 25/05/2016 Review of Govia Thameslink Railway and Southern DPPP -
Grand Central Review 16/01/2017 Review of Grand Central DPPP -
Greater Anglia Approval 06/10/2016 Approval of Greater Anglia DPPP -
Heathrow Express Operating Company Ltd Approval 16/05/2019 Approval of Heathrow Express DPPP -
Hull Trains Review 20/09/2016 Review of Hull Trains DPPP -
Locomotive Services (TOCs) Limited Approval 03/08/2017 Approval of Locomotive Services (TOCs) Limited's DPPP -
London North East Railway (LNER) Review 03/05/2019 Review of LNER DPPP -
London Underground Limited Approval 18/07/2019 London Underground Interim DPPP Approval -
Merseyrail Review 04/08/2016 Review of Merseyrail DPPP -
Network Rail Review 04/08/2016 Review of Network Rail DPPP -
Rail Operations Group Approval 25/07/2016 Approval of Rail Operations Group DPPP -
Southeastern Review 22/04/2016 Review of Southeastern DPPP -
Stobart Rail Review 26/08/2016 Review of Stobart Rail DPPP -
South Western Railway Limited Review 17/07/2019 Review of South Western Railway DPPP -
TfL Rail Review 24/10/2016 Review of TfL Rail DPPP -
TransPennine Express Approval 03/10/2018         Approval of TransPennine Express DPPP -
Transport for Wales Approval 26/09/2018 Approval of Transport for Wales DPPP  TfW Rail Policy
Tyne and Wear Metro Review 28/02/2017 Review of Tyne and Wear Metro DPPP -
Vintage Trains Approval 04/08/2018 Approval of Vintage Trains DPPP -
West Midlands Trains Limited Review 21/03/2019 Approval of West Midlands Trains Limited's DPPP West Midlands Railway Revised DPPP

Archived decision letters

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Licence holder Status Approval date ORR decision letter
Abellio Scotrail Approval 30/03/2015 Approval of Abellio ScotRail CHP and DPPP
c2c Approval 29/08/2014 Approval of c2c's DPPP
East Midlands Trains Review 10/03/2016 (Updated 01/10/2016 to reflect changes to Consumer Rights Act) Review of East Midlands Trains DPPP
FTPE Approval 15/03/2016 Approval of FTPE's DPPP
FTPE Review 29/01/2016 Review of FTPE DPPP
Govia Thameslink Railway Limited Approval 22/08/2014 Approval of Govia Thameslink Railway Limited's DPPP
Great Western Railway Approval 17/02/2016 Review of Great Western Railway's DPPP
London Midland Review 08/08/2016 Review of London Midland DPPP
London North East Railway (LNER) Approval 09/08/2018 Approval of LNER's DPPP
LOROL Approval 03/07/2014 Approval of LOROL's DPPP
LOROL Review 01/02/2016 Review of LOROL's DPPP
MTR Crossrail Approval 27/05/2016 Approval of MTR Crossrail CHP and DPPP
Northern Approval 17/03/2016 Approval of Northern DPPP
Serco Caledonian Sleeper Approval 05/03/2015 Approval of Serco Caledonian's CHP and DPPP
South West Trains Review 20/09/2016 Review of South West Trains
Virgin Trains East Coast Review 29/09/2016 Review of Virgin Trains East Coast DPPP
Virgin Trains Review 28/11/2016 Review of Virgin Trains DPPP