17 January 2022
View and apply for current vacancies at the Office of Rail and Road.

Interoperability authorisations

14 January 2022
Details of all the new, major, upgraded or renewed infrastructure or rolling stock projects we have authorised into service since 2019.

Monitoring smart motorways

13 January 2022
We are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the performance and efficiency of National Highways in its delivery of the Smart Motorway Action Plan.

Asset management independent reports

10 January 2022
Network Rail's network licence includes a condition providing for independent experts (reporters) to be appointed by the network operator (Network Rail), to provide ORR with advice on different aspects of Network Rail’s performance.

West Coast Main Line

6 January 2022
This page contains information on our consideration of capacity, performance and current applications for access on the West Coast Main Line (WCML).

Workforce management information

4 January 2022
Workforce information is sent to the Cabinet Office regularly and it includes the number of staff by grade, payroll and non-payroll.

Better regulation

20 December 2021
We set out our approach to better regulation in order to meet our statutory reporting requirements.

Train driving licences and certificates

16 December 2021
We've created a range of guides to explain the different responsibilities within the Train Driving Licences and Certificates Regulations 2010 (TDLCR). Our guides provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the TDLCR.

ORR’s role and approach to RIS3

8 December 2021
We are seeking views on our proposed approach to assessing the challenge and deliverability of plans for the third road investment strategy - RIS3.