Accessible Travel Policy (ATP)

15 March 2024
Train and station operators are required by their operating licences to establish and comply with an Accessible Travel Policy (ATP) which must be approved by us.

Asset management independent reports

16 January 2024
Network Rail's network licence includes a condition providing for independent experts (reporters) to be appointed by the network operator (Network Rail), to provide ORR with advice on different aspects of Network Rail’s performance.

Market study into the supply of signalling systems

21 April 2023
Signalling systems are an essential part of the railway. They keep passengers safe by ensuring trains do not come into conflict with each other and play a key role in freeing up capacity on our congested network.

West Coast Main Line

6 January 2022
This page contains information on our consideration of capacity, performance and current applications for access on the West Coast Main Line (WCML).

Passenger information

25 June 2021
We ensure train companies provide accurate and timely information, particularly during disruption. We also investigate timetabling issues.