ORR's health and safety compliance and enforcement policy statement 2015

Date published: 20 August 2015 Closing date: 25 September 2015 This consultation document sets out how we use our powers to carry out our regulatory enforcement responsibilities arising from health and safety and other relevant legislation. It will replace the existing document last published in April 2013. ORR is the health and safety enforcing authority and National Safety Agency for Britain's

Other notices

Content archived on 01 March 2021

Notices in accordance with Section 55(6) of the Railways Act 1993 (as amended) of the ORR's decision not to make a final order. Notice in accordance with Section 55(6) of the Railways Act 1993, as amended, of the Office of Rail Regulation's decision not to make a final order, or make or confirm a provisional order, in relation to Network Rail Infrastructure Limited's contravention of Condition 1

December 2014 engineering overruns investigation

We carried out an investigation into severe disruption on 27 and 28 of December 2014 to passengers travelling into or out of King's Cross and Paddington stations. Over the two days we estimate that more than 115,000 passengers were affected in some way by this disruption.