Ticketing & Fares

Tickets and fares

We've published our research into passengers' experiences of ticket machines. We are not the regulator for fares and have no role in relation to penalty fares.

Passengers' awareness of terms and conditions

We commissioned quantitative and focus group research to explore passengers’ awareness of terms and conditions, both in general when travelling by train on the national rail network (the National Rail Conditions of Travel - NRCoT) and specific to ticket type and format.

Ticket machines

Ticket machines (TVMs) are designed to allow rail passengers to make quick and easy ticket purchases at the station, rather than using ticket offices. It’s a popular method, with around a third of passengers using a TVM to buy their tickets.

Retail market review conclusions

ORR’s Retail Market Review focused on who sells tickets, what tickets are sold, where and how tickets are sold, and the ticket format. We considered this from the point of view of the industry rules and practices that govern how all retailers (train operating companies (TOCs) and third party retailers) sell tickets.

How can we make the rail ticket market more innovative and stimulate competition to benefit passengers?

3 July 2015
3 July 2015At the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), we've been conducting a review of the rules and regulations governing the way tickets are sold, what tickets are sold and the format tickets are provided in (eg orange credit card-sized paper ticket or smart card). We want to know whether these regulations are getting in the way of passengers benefitting from better service and more innovation. Last