Periodic review 2008


The 2008 Periodic Review (PR08) set the outputs that Network Rail must deliver, and the level of access charges paid by train operators for use of the infrastructure from 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2014, or control period 4 (CP4).

For further information about how Network Rail performed in CP4, visit the following links, published on 7 July 2014:

In this section

  • PR08 documentation
    A list of All PR08 documents issued by us.
  • PR08 consultants' reports
    A list of all consultants' reports issued during the periodic review 2008.
  • PR08 legal notices
    This page sets out the legal notices relating to the implementation of the 2008 periodic review.
  • Best practice studies
    A programme of international fact-finding visits was conducted during the summer and autumn of 2007 to a number of railway administrations in Europe, North America and Australia. This study tour was part of our work on the 2008 periodic review.

Periodic review independent evaluation

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Following completion of the 2008 periodic review the ORR Board commissioned an independent evaluation of the review. The letter from Chris Bolt, ORR chairman, (2008 periodic review – Independent evaluation - Letter from Chris Bolt - 14 May 2009) sets out the objectives for the evaluation and provides background. John Nelson is chairing the group undertaking the independent evaluation. His letter (ORR 2008 periodic review – Independent evaluation - Letter from John Nelson - 14 May 2009) sought input from stakeholders on a range of topics relating to the periodic review.

What PR08 included

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PR08 included extensive work determining the appropriate financial and incentive framework for Network Rail and reviewed the potential for efficiency savings in its expenditure.

This was the first review since the passing of the Railways Act 2005. It introduced a new process involving the issuing by the Secretary of State and Scottish Ministers of :

  • High Level Output Specifications (HLOSs), and
  • Statements of Funds Available (SOFAs)

This introduced the need for understanding of whole industry costs and revenues when undertaking the review.

On 30 October 2008 we published our determination for control period 4 (CP4, 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2014). The determination sets out the outputs that Network Rail will need to deliver in CP4 and the revenue that Network Rail will receive from access charges and other sources.

In December 2008 we published the final price lists and the review notices which started the legal implementation of our determination. On 5 February 2009, Network Rail formally accepted our determination.

Key PR08 ORR documents

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Network Rail documents

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Government documents

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