Periodic review 2013


Through the 2013 periodic review (PR13), we determined what Network Rail must achieve from 2014-19, the money it requires to do this, and the incentives needed to encourage delivery and outperformance.

Guide to the periodic review 2013 (PR13)

A brief overview of the 2013 periodic review (PR13) of Network Rail's outputs and funding for control period 5 (2014-19).

PR13 consultations

Details of the closed consultations/ opportunities to comment on PR13 related matters.

Workshops and stakeholder events

Details of the workshops and stakeholder events we have organised.

PR13 publications

A list of all PR13 publications.

Independent evaluation of the 2013 periodic review

In the PR13 final determination, we committed to carrying out an independent evaluation on PR13 to inform the development of our approach to the next periodic review (PR18).

Previous access charges reviews

Documents published by ORR during previous periodic/access charges reviews are available on the National Archives website.