Track access guidance and forms

Access for passenger operators

28 March 2024
This page contains guidance modules and the application form for track access by passenger operators, both public service operators and open access.

Access for freight operators

27 March 2024
This page includes guidance, the application form, model contracts and general approvals for track access by freight operators.

Connection contracts

27 March 2023
This page contains the application form, model contracts, general approval and information relating to connection contracts.

Model connection contract – Transitioning to CPI

6 March 2019
Following consultation we consider it appropriate to amend the model connection contract so that CPI is used for new contracts, rather than RPI in the adjustment factor, as with track access contracts.

How to apply for track access

13 January 2014
If a railway operator wants to access the railway network, it must apply to us for a track access agreement with Network Rail.