Connection contracts


This page contains the application form, model contracts, general approval and information relating to connection contracts.

If you wish to connect facilities to the Network Rail network you should consider using our model connection contract. This contract sets out the rights and obligations of the parties for the ongoing operation and maintenance (including renewal) of connections between two railway networks. There is a separate model connection contract for Scotland.

Connection contracts may not need to come to ORR for specific approval if they fall under the terms described in our General Approval. Contracts which fall under the terms are automatically approved by us and will not need to be submitted to us to go through our approval process. Parties to such contracts should still send us a copy of the signed contract when it is entered into.

If your contract is not with Network Rail or not covered by the General Approval you need to apply for ORR's specific approval. Please use our Form C to do this.

In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate for parties to novate their connection contract to transfer the rights and obligations of the connection contract from one Facility Owner to another. There is a standard template novation to do this which you can use. There is no set application form but you should set out the circumstances in full and explain the differences between the contract being novated and the current version of our model contract.

Form, model contracts and general approval

Application form

Model contracts

(updated March 2023)

General approval

For more information on what you need to know please see our Connection Contracts guidance available on our track access guidance web page.