Price controls

Roles and responsibilities for enhancements in CP6

18 March 2019
Consultation on roles and responsibilities for Network Rail's enhancements work in Control Period 6 (CP6) as this will be treated differently to operations, maintenance and renewals expenditure in the Periodic Review 2018 (PR18).

Contingency arrangements for a delay to the statutory implementation of PR18

26 November 2018
A delay to implementation might arise if, for example, Network Rail decided to object to our PR18 review notices (to be issued on 20 December 2018). This might lead to us referring our final determination to the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA). As track access charges for CP5 will expire on 31 March 2019, a delay to implementation would mean that Network Rail would quickly run out of funding

Periodic review 2018: draft determination

31 August 2018
Our draft determination set out our proposed decisions on the process through which we determined what Network Rail should deliver in respect of its role in operating, maintaining and renewing its network in control period 6 (CP6) and how the funding available should be best used to support this.

Consultation on our approach for assessing Network Rail's efficiency and wider financial performance in CP6

12 June 2018
Overview Good quality financial information is important for effective regulation as it helps to ensure that the interests of customers and funders are properly protected. Network Rail's regulatory financial statements are the primary sources of information about the company's financial performance. We recently consulted on how we should assess Network Rail's efficiency and financial performance