Drainage Maintenance - Targeted Assurance Review - May 2021

Authored on
18 June 2021
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Drainage pipes, ditches and catch-pits degrade more rapidly than any other railway assets, because they are constantly exposed to flowing water, silt, leaves, other debris and growing vegetation. As a result, drainage assets are heavily reliant on regular maintenance to keep them clear so they function properly. Extreme weather events can quickly block drainage and cause flooding, or fast-flowing water can damage the drainage assets. The reactive work to pump out flood water and get the drainage flowing again also fall to the maintenance teams. ORR’s main engagement with Network Rail is at the Central and Regional level, with less visibility of maintenance because it is managed at a much more local level. So, given that drainage is the asset type which is most dependent on good maintenance, ORR undertook this Targeted Assurance Review to improve our understanding of the local processes, people and behaviours involved in planning and delivering drainage maintenance.