HS1 access charges reviews


Under the terms of the concession agreement, interim access charges reviews may take place at any time outside the usual periodic review cycle. This page contains further information on such reviews which have taken place.

Charging framework

The government has established a charging framework for the High Speed 1 (HS1) network through the concession agreement. 

This framework has been established pursuant to regulation 12(4) of The Railways Infrastructure (Access and Management) Regulations (the Regulations). 

Amongst other, non-levied charges, the framework provides that track access charges may include: 

  • an investment recovery charge to recover the capital costs of the HS1 project;
  • charges relating to the operation, maintenance and renewal of the HS1 network; and
  • discounts in accordance with the Regulations.

Freight avoidable cost review by High Speed 1 Limited

HS1 Limited issued its consultation document on freight avoidable costs review on 1 June 2011.

Consultation responses are available on HS1 Limited's website.

We have published our decision letter on HS1 Limited's consultation. 

Freight avoidable costs is one area which will also be considered during our 2014 periodic review of HS1.