Here you’ll find all our consultations, both open and concluded, past policy, licence and access casework consultations. You’ll also find our response to consultations from other organisations.

Consultation on changes to operator licences

24 September 2020
For holders of EU passenger licences we updated their GB Statement of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRP) as well as their station licences on 3 December 2019. On 24 June 2020 we also updated those operators who just hold station licences too. For operators who provide traction only services, we have now modified their SNRPs.

Updating the model freight services track access contract for the CVL interface

27 April 2020
We are making changes to the model track access contract to reflect new arrangements concerning access arrangements for the Core Valleys Lines (CVL). These are particularly relevant for those who wish to operate freight trains between the CVL and Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd’s (Network Rail’s) network.

HS1 Ltd periodic review 2019 (PR19): draft determination

7 January 2020
A summary of our draft conclusions on the final Five Year Asset Management Statement (5YAMS) that was submitted to us on 31 May 2019. It is the culmination of the first phase of our examination and draws from detailed analysis that is explained in a number of supplementary documents published alongside it. Together these form the draft determination.

Consultation on ORR's draft guidance on the Economic Equilibrium Test (EET)

28 November 2018
Consultation conclusionsEU legislation has focused on opening up the European rail market and promoting competition in passenger rail markets. There are a number of protections within EU legislation to support this, including an overarching requirement that access to the network is granted in a fair and transparent manner. However, EU legislation also sets out limited circumstances where access to

Periodic review 2018: draft determination

31 August 2018
Our draft determination set out our proposed decisions on the process through which we determined what Network Rail should deliver in respect of its role in operating, maintaining and renewing its network in control period 6 (CP6) and how the funding available should be best used to support this.

Consultation on our approach for assessing Network Rail's efficiency and wider financial performance in CP6

12 June 2018
Overview Good quality financial information is important for effective regulation as it helps to ensure that the interests of customers and funders are properly protected. Network Rail's regulatory financial statements are the primary sources of information about the company's financial performance. We recently consulted on how we should assess Network Rail's efficiency and financial performance

Financial framework for PR18

12 June 2018
Our decisions on the financial framework supplementary document that forms part of ORR's draft determination for PR18.

Improving Assisted Travel: a consultation

30 April 2018
We have published a summary of those responses, and set out the steps we will take to strengthen the arrangements for Assisted Travel, including a review of the 2009 DPPP Guidance.

Periodic review 2019 (PR19) initial consultation for HS1 Limited

31 January 2018
Consultation outcome Following careful review of the consultation responses, along with our continued engagement with stakeholders, we have developed the following approach document, which also sets out the process and timescales for our periodic review. ORR approach to PR19 Published 31 January 2018 Consultation responses We received 7 responses to our initial consultation from stakeholders. We

Deep Sea Container rail transport services - ORR consultation on modified commitments proposal

18 November 2015
Date published: 19 November 2015Closing date: 27 November 2015The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) opened a consultation on modified commitments proposed by Freightliner Group Limited and Freightliner Limited (Freightliner) to address its competition concerns in relation to Freightliner’s conduct in the provision of Deep Sea Container rail transport services between certain ports and key inland

Preparatory work for the review of Schedules 4 and 8

13 November 2015
In late 2015, we began preparing for reviews of Schedules 4 and 8 of the track access contract (the possessions and performance regimes, respectively) for the 2018 periodic review of Network Rail (PR18).

Retail market review conclusions

7 September 2015
ORR’s Retail Market Review focused on who sells tickets, what tickets are sold, where and how tickets are sold, and the ticket format. We considered this from the point of view of the industry rules and practices that govern how all retailers (train operating companies (TOCs) and third party retailers) sell tickets.

Consultation on commitments proposed by Freightliner to address competition concerns

3 September 2015
Date published: 3 September 2015Closing date: 1 October 2015 (17:00)The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) [currently operating as the Office of Rail and Road] opened a consultation on commitments proposed by Freightliner Group Limited and Freightliner Limited (Freightliner) to address ORR's competition concerns. This commitments proposal follows an ORR investigation under the Competition Act 1998

Request for stakeholders’ views on ROGS

21 August 2015

Content archived on 22 May 2022

Date published: 21 August 2015 Closing date: 13 October 2015 Regulation 34A of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 [S.I. 2006/599] (as amended) (ROGS) requires that by 26 August 2016 (and every five years thereafter) the Secretary of State: carries out a post implementation review (PIR) of ROGS; sets out the conclusions of the review in a report; and publishes

ORR's health and safety compliance and enforcement policy statement 2015

20 August 2015
Date published: 20 August 2015 Closing date: 25 September 2015 This consultation document sets out how we use our powers to carry out our regulatory enforcement responsibilities arising from health and safety and other relevant legislation. It will replace the existing document last published in April 2013. ORR is the health and safety enforcing authority and National Safety Agency for Britain's