Level crossing orders


We are currently working to review and update the level crossing order process. 

This will be available here in due course, along with any amended templates for level crossings orders. Until these are available, Chapter 3 of Level crossings: A guide for managers, designers and operators provides information and advice on level crossing orders (made by the Office of Rail and Road under the Level Crossing Act 1983). 

We have produced a guidance note which explains how we deal with non-safety related changes to level crossings covered by a level crossing order. These are changes that do not create safety concerns but, on a strict reading of the specific legal wording in the order, could mean the crossing is non-compliant. 

Our guidance explains that in those cases we will not take action because the changes are administrative and do not create a safety risk. This avoids a burdensome exercise to amend the many orders that may be affected.