Level crossing orders


Our guidance provides information and advice on level crossing orders and the process for making them. 

We make level crossing orders under the Level Crossings Act 1983. 


Our level crossing order process provides guidance on level crossing orders and the process for making them.

We have produced a list of commonly used traffic signs at public vehicular road crossings as a quick reference guide.

We have also produced a guidance note which explains how we deal with new non-safety related changes to level crossings which have a current level crossing order. This guidance only applies to orders made using the old templates and does not apply to those made using the new templates available from 11 April 2022.

Templates update

We are currently working to update the level crossing order templates. The new templates are designed to be clearer and less prescriptive than the old templates, and cover groupings of level crossings rather than specific types. 

We expect applicants to use the new templates as they become available on our website. Where a new template for the type of crossing being applied for is not yet available, the old templates can continue to be used.