Advice to Ministers on the periodic review 2013 (PR13)


On 15 March 2012, we wrote separately to the Scottish Ministers and the Secretary of State for Transport with our advice on Network Rail's costs and outputs for control period 5 ('CP5'), which runs from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2019.

The purpose of our advice was to inform the decisions that the Scottish Ministers and the Secretary of State would be making on what they wanted the railways to achieve in CP5 and the public funds they were prepared to make available to deliver this. 

These decisions were subsequently set out in the 'high-level output specification' (HLOS) and 'statement of funds available' documents which the Scottish Ministers and Secretary of State each published in summer 2012. 

Advice to ministers documents and accompanying letters

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Requirements for Network Rail's strategic business plan

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After HLOSs and SoFAs are issued, Network Rail will begin producing its strategic business plan (SBP). The SBP effectively sets out Network Rail's proposals for delivering the high-level outputs that the two governments require to be delivered along with the cost for these. The SBP is due by 7 January 2013 and will be Network Rail's final submission to us before our draft determination in June 2013.

Given how important the SBP is to the PR13 process, at the same time we published our advice to ministers we issued Network Rail with requirements for the content of the SBP.

Review initiation notice

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This notice sets out our proposal to undertake an access charges review under paragraph 1C of schedule 4A to the Railways Act 1993. This initiates the formal legal process for the 2013 periodic review.