CP5 price lists and related documentation


On 20 December 2013, Network Rail published its price lists and schedules of charges for control period 5 (CP5). This coincided with the publication of our review notices setting out the changes we proposed to make to relevant access contracts and Network Rail's network licence to implement PR13.

This page sets out documentation relating to the price lists. Please note that Network Rail has committed to provide versions of the price lists in the most recent price base for each year of CP5. See Network Rail's access charges web page for further information on this.

Price lists / charging schedules (in 2012-13 prices)

On 10 February 2014, we approved the capacity charge baselines that will apply to freight, charter and existing open access train operators in CP5.

Other documentation relating to the price lists

In July 2013, we consulted Network Rail and each train operator on how we should treat the bespoke provisions within their track access contracts for the purposes of PR13 implementation. In particular, this was to inform whether any such provisions should be continued into CP5. In most cases, Network Rail and the train operator were able to agree on an appropriate approach. However, in some cases we were required to determine the outcome.

For the track access contract between Network Rail and North Yorkshire Moors Railway Enterprises PLC, the parties were unable to agree on the access charges to be applied for specific types of vehicle. For transparency, we have published our decision here as it relates to the Track Usage Price List.