On-track machines (OTM) Stoneblower - Procurement of new fleet - Targeted Assurance Review

Authored on
06 October 2021
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Network Rail’s existing fleet of stoneblowers are becoming life expired. Along with greater requirements highlighted within the Control Period 6 Strategic Business Plans, the decision was made to renew the existing fleet. 

As part of our Targeted Assurance Review (TAR) programme, we decided to review the procurement of the new stoneblower fleet, also looking at associated standards and guidance, how track geometry is managed at Maintenance Delivery Units and how these activities are monitored and assured locally. 

Due to the scope of the review, the findings have been split into two reports. This first report focuses on the review of the business case for the procurement of, and the implementation of the new fleet. The accompanying report on the management of track geometry can be found on our website.