Management of Track Geometry by On-Track Machines - Targeted Assurance Review

Authored on
06 October 2021
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Management of track geometry using On Track Machines (OTM) is one of the highest priorities within the track asset discipline. 

Inappropriate OTM management decisions will lead to performance impacts and in certain circumstances safety implications. Network Rail spend a significant amount of time and money on the procurement, leasing and maintenance of OTMs and this warrants scrutiny to ensure ongoing effectiveness and efficiency. 

As part of our Targeted Assurance Review programme, we reviewed the procurement of the new stoneblower fleet. In tandem, we reviewed the standards and guidance describing how track geometry is managed at Maintenance Delivery Unit level. Our review included the monitoring and assurance of OTM activities.  

The findings have been split into two reports. This report focuses on the management of track geometry. The accompanying report on the Stoneblower business case can be found on our website.