Review of Network Rail's Condition Management of Depot Plant Assets

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Out of public sight, trains are cared for in depots. Depots are full of complex plant and equipment making sure trains are safe and reliable. If depot plant fails, trains may not run.

That can impact on rail users and cause disruption to the network. Depot facility operators typically lease the facility from Network Rail. Joined-up thinking of depot asset lifecycles, maintenance and renewal is essential. We needed assurance that Network Rail as asset owner ensures depot plant is renewed, upgraded and maintained to support rolling stock delivering the customer service. 

We commissioned an external consultant specialising in this subject to carry out the review of asset management of depot plant assets. A report has been produced providing a view of the maturity of asset management practice in this area. 

The review recommends that Network Rail build an improved understanding of the condition and potential of depot plant assets beyond short-term needs to support its decision-making in renewal and investment where needed.